Medications and injections don't always relieve pain completely. And if you have surgery, you'll likely need some help getting around while you heal. At times when you need extra help with pain relief or mobility, here are some techniques and devices worth trying.

Canes. If placing weight on your knee causes pain, your doctor or physical therapist may recommend a cane. There are many different types of canes. The most common type has a single tip, but if you have trouble balancing, your doctor may recommend a quad, or four-point cane. Your doctor can advise the best way to use your cane, but generally you should hold it in the hand opposite the painful knee.

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Knee Braces. Braces made of metal, plastic, foam and elastic material are designed to stabilize and protect the knee. Braces may be used to limit movement of the knee during recovery from an injury or surgery or relieve knee osteoarthritis pain by helping correct alignment and redirecting the body's weight from the affected compartment of the knee joint.

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Electrical Stimulation. Electrical stimulation of muscle tissue (called neuromuscular electrical stimulation) around the knee may be useful for strengthening the muscles that support the joint and relieving pain in and around the joint.  A number of studies have shown effectiveness of the treatment, specifically on the symptoms of knee osteoarthritis.

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