Warm up. Before you start, warm up to reduce joint irritation and chance of injury by walking slowly for five to 15 minutes while swinging your arms. Then go through a gentle stretching routine and you’re ready to pick up the pace.

Cool down. When you reach the end, take a few minutes to walk at a slower pace and stretch again. You may be able to increase your range of motion as your muscles are warm and pliable. Take advantage of trees, rocks or logs by using them as props for stretches.


Five Scenic, Easy Trails

Don’t be deterred by long trails. You can always turn around when you’ve reached your limit. But if you prefer walking a trail that’s sure to be easy, you can find them from coast to coast. Here are a few:

BostonLizzy’s Trail: Located 45 minutes north of downtown Boston in Bradley Palmer State Park, this two-mile crushed limestone trail follows the scenic Ipswich River. 

Jacksonville, Fla. The Jacksonville-Baldwin Trail: – Stretching mostly through deep woods, this 14-mile paved trail is very well shaded.

San Diego –: With nice views of the Pacific Ocean, this flat, paved, 11-mile trail from Coronado to Imperial Beach mostly follows the route of an old railroad line.

Seattle – Burke Gilman Trail: Extending along a former railway, this 12.5-mile trail stretches through the University of Washington campus and Gas Works Park and skirts Lake Washington.

St. LouisSt. Louis Riverfront Trail: This 11-mile, paved greenway runs north from the famed Gateway Arch along the Mississippi River.