If you don’t want to get so high-tech, start shuffling. Pick up some FitDeck cards ($9.95-$14.95, www.fitdeck.com), a series of playing cards targeted toward various fitness levels, types and lifestyles. Each deck offers a stack of individual moves you can do geared, for example, toward seniors or focused on stretching, yoga or stair exercises. You can pull out these decks and deal yourself a rainy day workout.

Other Options

Of course, you’re not stuck in your house if you want to move when the great outdoors isn’t so great. Head to a mall and walk. Swim laps at an indoor pool. Take fitness classes (like the Arthritis Foundation Exercise Program at locations nationwide) or use the elliptical machine at the gym. If your joints and balance are up to it, try skating at the roller or ice rink.

The key, says Plasker, is to make your motivation internal rather than external. Don’t let stormy skies keep you from getting the exercise you need.

“Too many people let the weather or outside circumstances become the motivator to get them to move,” he says. “If you find yourself hemming and hawing because of the weather, catch yourself midstream, catch yourself being negative and make yourself move. And smile when you do it!”