Consider your medications. Some prescriptions may cause excessive drowsiness or dizziness; talk to your doctor about possible alternative medications. 

Make your home safer. Get rid of all floor clutter, secure throw rugs and place non-slip mats in showers and tubs. Paint the top edge of steps a contrasting color, or use solid-color carpeting to better see edges of individual stairs.

Choose shoes wisely. High heels can throw you off balance. Floppy slippers can trip you up, and brand-new shoes might have slippery soles.

Know where your pet is at all times. Small dogs can get underfoot, and big ones can knock you off balance. In fact, researchers at the CDC found that pets lead to about 86,600 falls a year, and people age 75 and older were most likely to be injured – typically with a broken bone.

Reorganize. From clothing to dishes to pantry items, keep the things you use regularly within easy reach so you don’t have to climb on a stepladder – or something less stable, such as a chair!