If you’re looking for quick weight loss tips, keep in mind that cutting calories doesn’t have to be the same as going on a diet. Small changes such as controlling your portions and controlling your TV watching can lead to quick weight loss. Some easy changes in the way you eat can help you save calories without missing them. Registered dietitian Marisa Moore, a nutrition program coordinator at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in Atlanta, offers the following suggestions for reducing calories without feeling deprived. Follow these weight loss tips, and you'll wonder why you ever ate any other way.

1. Stop the sugar. Swap sugar for an artificial sweetener in your coffee or tea. Your taste buds won't care but your waistline will.

Calories saved: 15 to 30 per cup.

2. Go light on the mayo. Light mayonnaise has half the calories of the “real” stuff (50 versus 100  calories), and any difference in taste is hardly noticeable on sandwiches. If you just can’t give up regular mayonnaise, either spread it very thinly or coat one slice of bread with light and the other with regular.

Calories saved: 50.

3. Go cuckoo for sugar-free cocoa. Regular cocoa mixes hover around 120 calories; sugar-free varieties range from 60 to 90 calories per packet.

Calories saved: 30 to 60.

4. Switch from traditional syrup to light. It has half the calories – 100 calories per 2 tablespoons versus 50 calories.

Calories saved: 50 per serving

5. Pop a frozen fudge pop. There's only 40 calories in a no-sugar-added chocolate pop versus milk chocolate's 150 calories per 1 ounce (oz.).

Calories saved: 110.