6. Downsize your tortilla. Shrink your flour tortilla from 8 or 10 inches (220 calories) to a 6-inch corn version (90 calories).

Calories saved: 130.

7. Substitute soy crumbles for ground beef in dishes such as spaghetti and chili. Soy crumbles have about 90 calories per 3-oz. serving versus ground beef's hefty 220 calories per 3-oz. serving. 

Calories saved: 130 per 3-oz. serving.

8. Remix your drink. Use diet soda or sparking water (0 calories) instead of regular soda or tonic water (150 calories) in a mixed drink.

Calories saved: about 150.

9. Cut your steak in half. Go from 6 oz. (about 320 calories) to 3 oz. and slice it over a salad or toss into a stir-fry.

Calories saved: 160.

10. String yourself along. If you simply can’t resist a daily dose of cheese, opt for light string cheese, which weighs in at 50 calories versus 80 for the regular variety.

Calories saved: 30.