Try these other tips from Wish to improve a bad marriage – or strengthen a good one.

• Remember what you love about your partner. Remind yourself what first attracted you to your spouse, and why you fell in love and chose that person to spend your life with.

• Make sex fun. Try having sex in a different room or, if it doesn’t cause you pain, in a new position.

• Be a team player. Look for tasks or entertainment that you can do together. “Whether it’s folding laundry together or deciding where they want to go to dinner, when couples work as a team they feel better and more connected to each other,” says Wish.

• Focus forward. When arguing, avoid rehashing old issues. Instead, look for solutions and how to do things differently in the future.

• Keep in touch. Don’t let more than a day or two go by without touching or kissing your spouse. Slip him a sweet note or email, just to say you’re thinking of him.

• Do something nice. Do a chore once in a while that you know your spouse particularly dislikes.

• Have fun. At least every two or three weeks, do something fun together, whether it is a trip to a flea market or a football game, or sharing some hobby that you both enjoy.