While there’s no such thing as a no-maintenance garden, you can select plants that require less pruning, picking, and weeding to create a low-maintenance garden. Nick Murphy, owner of Emerald Green Lawn and Landscape in Carmel, Ind., has been a landscaper for more than 14 years and says a low-maintenance garden is quite doable and in high demand among his clients.

Murphy says the following plants will flourish on their own in nearly any type of soil and need very little work.

  • Ground cover: English ivy. It will spread and take care of itself, says Murphy. “The only time you want to trim it back is when it starts to creep on the sidewalk or if you don’t want it to go up your house.”
  • Variegated plants: Hostas. “The only time you have to work on them is if you want to divide them in half to make more.” Lilies also make for great perennials that will spread on their own, says Murphy.
  • Trees or shrubs: Boxwood or yew. “If you’re going for just a green background, you can trim these two trees about once a year and they’ll never get crazy on you.”
  • Flowering plants: Hydrangea. “The only thing you need to do at the end of year is deadhead all the flowers off and they should come up the following year in full bloom.”
  • Drought-resistant plants: Knock Out Roses or lantana. Both plants are disease-resistant, require little pruning and watering once they’re established, and both add a vibrant splash of color – pinks and yellow, orange or purples, respectively – to your garden. The Knock Out Rose is self-cleaning so there’s no need to deadhead.