Q: I live in baggy, unfashionable clothes because they’re just more comfortable on my aching joints. Are there any fashionable ways to wear clothes that are comfy and easy to get on and off? 

A: “Baggy” is for groceries. I prefer the term “loose-fitting” for clothing, which is OK as long as you remember to adhere to one of my golden rules of style: One piece of loose clothing demands one piece of fitted. Here are three ways to make the golden rule work in your favor.

Create some movement. A loose, flowing shirt or cardigan provides warmth and comfort while creating graceful and eye-catching movement. Pair with denim or tailored pants.

Draw it to fit. Drawstring pants are perfect for inflamed and painful joints from the waist down. To add balance, wear them with a fitted top.

Accessorize. If you’re in pain from head to toe, stick with your comfy clothes. Your “fitted” piece can be a belt; a soft, oblong scarf; or even angled earrings.

Christine Schwab is a longtime fashion reporter and author of Take Me Home from the Oscars: Arthritis, Television, Fashion, and Me (Skyhorse Publishing Inc., 2011), in which she chronicles her years battling rheumatoid arthritis in Hollywood.

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