The popularity of e-readers has shown little sign of waning. In fact, is selling more electronic books than hard-copy versions – and with good reason. E-readers are simple to use and provide access to an entire library of titles at a fraction of the weight of a single novel. And recent models pack of slew of features, from the Kindle’s text-to-speech option that “reads” your favorite tale to your “audio book-style” to the Nook’s Wi-Fi web browsing and email capabilities. Some e-reader accessories can make using these devices, and tablet computers such as the iPad, even easier and safer in many scenarios, especially if arthritis affects your hands, wrists, elbows, shoulders or neck.

In Your Hand

Eliminate the need to grip your e-reader with a handy strap like the Hand-e-holder. The Velcro strap can be worn around your hand, wrist or leg – so there’s no gripping required – and then attached to an e-reader with a gentle push on the Dual Lock system, which locks the device to the Velcro strap. To “unlock” a device from the holder, simply peel the two apart. The Hand-e-holder turns 360 degrees and can be attached to any flat, firm, smooth surface, such as a tablet PC, smart phone or even a clipboard.

At Home or In The Office

For an inexpensive, do-it-yourself stand, lean your e-reader or tablet PC against a copy or business card holder, like those available at office supply stores, and enjoy hands-free reading. Or, opt for an adjustable stand, like the Pivot iPad Stand or OmniMount IES1, to reduce neck strain.;

In The Kitchen

When cooking, have hands-free access to all of your favorite recipes on your e-reader or tablet PC with an under-the-cabinet mounting stand, such as Griffin’s Cabinet Mount for iPad or Hand-e-Holder’s C-Clamp. Both swivel and can be adjusted to maximize visibility and minimize neck strain.;

At The Beach, Pool or In The Bathtub

A waterproof or water resistant case not only protects your e-reader, but it also can provide a better grip on your device. DryCase’s tablet-sized waterproof case allows full functionality of tablets and e-readers, including a plug to connect waterproof headphones.

In Bed

Reading in the dark can cause eyestrain. Instead, light up your favorite literary works on your e-reader with a book light such as like M-edge’s e-Luminator Touch Booklight that attaches to many e-reader cases and jackets.