7. Use a small kitchen funnel to separate egg yolks from the whites. Simply place the funnel over a glass. To separate the egg, crack the egg into the funnel. The white will slide into the glass while the yolk stays in the funnel.

8. Learn to incorporate other parts of your body in the lifting process. For example, use your shoulder to help get the platter on the top shelf of the refrigerator.

9. Purchase arthritis-friendly tools: a food processor, standing mixer, lightweight utensils, electric jar opener and rubber-bottom mixing bowls for stability, just to name a few.

10. Many times when you buy a bottle of sauce, it needs shaking before opening. Don’t shake it; roll it. If your hands are sore, use your forearm and the weight of your body.

11. Sometimes there can be trouble opening doors, especially doorknobs. One solution is to replace doorknobs with handles. This allows you to use your elbow and forearm to get the door open. However, there are a few doors that do not have that option, so try the following: tie a pretty ribbon or scarf on the closet bifold door or the refrigerator door. When you cannot pull it open with your hands, hook your arm through the ribbon and use the weight of your body to open the door.

12. To cut and peel apples and vegetables, use an apple corer. Simply place the corer over the item you are cutting, place your forearms on the fruit, and use the weight of your body to push it through. To peel, lay the slice on its side, hold the slice in place with a fork and cut the outer skin with a pairing knife.