To minimize trauma on your body and joints while cleaning, first warm up by walking around the house. Then follow these joint-friendly easy cleaning moves.

Back-Safe Bending

Common mistake: Bending from the waist.

Typical tasks: Unloading washer, dryer and dishwasher; gathering and picking up items; washing dishes; ironing; cleaning under furniture; scrubbing tubs; making beds.

Safe solutions:

Follow the old saying, “bend with your knees, not your back.” Slightly flex knees, and keep a hollow in your back.
When standing, minimize back pressure by placing one foot on an elevated surface, such as a stepstool or bottom shelf.
When unloading, use a “golfer’s lift.” Simply kick back the leg opposite your extended arm.
Kneel or get help for floor-level or awkward tasks.

Reach Right

Common mistake: Reaching with your arm fully stretched.

Typical tasks: Dusting; washing dishes; reaching overhead shelves; cleaning windows or walls; picking up objects.

Safe solutions:

Keep arms close to your body to minimize strain on shoulders.
Bring objects to waist level instead of reaching out with arms.
Utilize wands and poles with extended handles.
Avoid excessive back and arm extension by using a sturdy stepstool when reaching overhead items.

Knee Know-How

Common mistake: Kneeling on both knees.

Typical tasks: Washing floors; cleaning low cabinets; scrubbing tubs and showers.

Safe solutions: 

Kneel on one knee and switch knees often to minimize and disperse pressure.
Wear kneepads or cushion knees with a piece of clothing