Sing a song.  To reduce stress and ease pain, sing. Do it in the shower or in your car. Or head for a karaoke bar and belt out your favorite tunes.  

Sleep soundly. If you have trouble sleeping at night, avoid caffeinated beverages in the afternoon. Try herbal tea instead.  

Wear red. On days when you’re feeling sluggish, try wearing something colorful for an immediate pick-me-up.

Sun protection. If you find it hard to rub in sunscreen, look for spray-on versions that go on easy and dry in minutes. 

Get a handle on it.  If a toothbrush is difficult to grip, try sliding the foam cylinder from a large sponge hair roller over the handle to make a more comfortable grip. 

Straighten up. To boost your energy level, sit up straight.  Slouching requires your muscles to work harder to hold up your body, and that can lead to fatigue. 

Keep your cool. When the weather is hot, drink plenty of cool, non-alcoholic, non-caffeinated beverages. Do not wait until you are thirsty to drink. 

Stress buster. To relieve job stress, take a break from work every 30 minutes. Go for a quick walk around the office, get a glass of water or do a few slow stretches to get your blood flowing. 

Pop a peppermint. Feeling fatigued? Eat a mint. The scent of peppermint decreases fatigue by up to 25 percent, according to research.  

Feel pretty. Although you may not feel like leaving the house, don't throw on those ratty old sweats; dress as if company may stop by. When you look good, you can feel good. 

Do what you love. If arthritis prevents you from doing a favorite activity, such as traveling, enjoy a modified version, such as visiting a local museum or taking in a foreign film.

Pets. Having a pet may help you become more active. If you have a dog, take it for daily walks so you both will get some fresh air and exercise.

Game time. If you have trouble holding and tossing a pair of dice, toss dice in a cup or mug and pour them out.  

Write your blessings. Feeling down? Try counting your blessings. Better yet, write about them.

Simpler sipping. If you have trouble holding a heavy drinking glass, try using long, bendable straws that enable you to drink from a class without picking it up.