If carrying your purse or wallet causes pain in your wrists, shoulders, neck, hips or back, the solution may be as simple as switching to joint-friendly accessories, says Allison Darwin, an occupational therapist and a chair of the North Carolina Occupational Therapy Association.

Darwin suggests padded straps that cross the chest and shoulder to distribute and cushion weight, and lightweight materials, such as nylon or thin leather. Large, easy-to-access pockets with magnetic or Velcro closures are easier to open than zippers. If zippers are a must, opt for large ones with rings or tassels to provide a larger surface to grip.

These stylish accessories prove you don’t have to sacrifice form for function.

For Women

The AmeriBag Healthy Back Bag is designed to hug the body and relieve stress on the neck, back and shoulders. It includes Velcro pouches and large zippers. www.ameribag.com

An adjustable, detachable shoulder strap enables the Wallet Purse to function as a purse, clutch or hip pack. The side pocket has a Velcro-and-snap closure, and the main compartment is wide for easy access. www.bagglady.com

For Men

Sitting on a bulky wallet can create pain in the back and hips. The Back Saver Wallet uses a spring clip that folds to half the thickness of most wallets and is slim enough to fit in a front pocket. $25, www.coreproducts.com