Medical alert devices help save lives. They alert emergency responders and can provide them with vital information – from drug allergies to a need for insulin – when you can’t. Here are four high-tech options that could help in an emergency.

smart-ICE. This application will talk for you via your iPhone or iPod even when you can’t: smart-ICE – in case of emergency – allows you to record a message with crucial medical information that will play as soon as an emergency medical technician (EMT) presses a play button. Other features include an “Alert EMT button” so that you can easily call for help and a “My Location” button that quickly identifies your location for EMS (emergency medical service) dispatchers. 

Medical Alert Pendant USB Flash Drive. Whether you are home or out and about, a medical alert USB flash drive can provide medical personnel vital information if you are sick or injured. The 1 GB USB flash drive comes with a 20-inch ball chain and software that allows you to easily store and maintain your medical information and even copies of scans and X-rays as PDF files that can be read by almost any computer. 

SilverCare Personal Safety Emergency Alert Device. If a medical emergency prevents you from getting to the phone, the SilverCare device allows hands-free calling right from your wristwatch. The device, which works with your home phone line, can be programmed to dial friends and neighbors, as well as 911, and will continue to dial until a live person is reached. The device also allows you to program in medical information, which is displayed and accessible through the device by medical personnel; provides appointment and medication reminders; enables you to turn lights in your home on off remotely; and more. 

Medical Alarm Concepts MediPendant. Worn as a pendant around your neck or clipped to your belt, the MediPendant allows you to speak and listen to an EMT-trained operator directly through the pendant 24 hours a day, 365 days a year with the press of a button. Equipment and operators are available for both English and Spanish speakers.