There are 550 driver rehabilitation specialists across the United States and Canada whose job is to make sure you are behind the wheel of the most comfortable, safest car based on your abilities.

These occupational therapists can help in a variety of ways. They can:

  • Evaluate your vehicle and your limitations.
  • Ensure you’re aware of all options and equipment on your existing vehicle.
  • Help you make after-market modifications to adapt your current car to meet your needs.
  • Advise and help with your search for a new vehicle. Some will even accompany you on a test drive.

“We want people to be independent and safe for as long as possible so if they can learn about what’s available to them or obtain additional equipment or specialized driving techniques to help them achieve that lifetime of driving, that’s what our members are all about,” explains Elizabeth Green, executive director of the Association for Driver Rehabilitation Specialists in Hickory, N.C.

Specialists aren’t tied to any one product or manufacturer, so they are an objective resource. They also can help with driving techniques, which can be especially valuable for drivers with limitations or older drivers who may not have been required to attend driving school as teenagers. “If people have built up bad habits over time, we can help retrain them and fine tune their ability to extend their driving life,” says Green. 

To find a specialist near you, visit The American Occupational Therapy Association's Web page for driver safety, or ask your doctor for a referral to a rehabilitation specialist or occupational therapist who can help.