When you have arthritis, car trips of any length can be excruciating. Getting in and out of a car especially can take the joy out of the joyride when complicated by arthritis. Driving can be easier if you try these tips.

1. Use a swivel maneuver. Back yourself into your car and swing your legs into a forward-facing position. Do the reverse to get out. There are swivel seats you can install to make this even easier.

2. Buy a beaded seat cover. It not only makes long drives more comfortable, but it also helps you "roll" in and out of your seat.

3. Grab the car's interior handles to balance yourself on the way in or pull yourself when getting out. Install grab handles if your vehicle doesn't have any or has them in the wrong spot.

4. Add running boards to your car or choose vehicles with them so your step in and out of a car is smaller and more manageable.

5. Bag it. Place a large trash bag in the seat of the car. Getting in and out is easier because the bag slides with you.

6. Slide right in. It’s easier to move around in cars with vinyl or leather upholstery. If you have a car with cloth seats, consider putting in a vinyl seat covering.

7. Easy open. You can't take the pain out of paying for gas, but you can make it less painful to pump it. Keep a disk-shaped, rubber jar opener in the car, then use it to twist off the gas cap.  

8. Get a grip. If you have trouble gripping a steering wheel or gear shift, use golf, baseball or weight-lifting gloves when you drive.

9. Key solution. If you have trouble turning your car key, try building it up with electrical tape or trade in your keys for a keyless fob and starter that remotely unlocks your car and starts the engine.