As a society of busy commuters, we want food that is both nutritious and convenient.  But many prepared items, such as bagels and cereal, are loaded with sodium due to surprising culprits like baking powder, baking soda and dairy products.

Before you reach for your frying pan, take another stroll down the grocery store aisles. You can still have store-bought, no-fuss breakfasts that are low in sodium by making these savvy substitutions.

Typical Choice:  A bowl of berry-flavored cereal (280mg per 1 cup) with 1 percent milk (160mg per 1 cup)

Total: 440 mg of sodium

Low-Sodium Alternative: A bowl of shredded wheat or puffed rice cereal (5mg per 1 cup) with coconut milk (15mg per 1 cup)

Total: 20 mg of sodium

Typical Choice: 1 packet of maple and brown sugar instant oatmeal

Total: 260mg of sodium

Low-Sodium Alternative: 1 cup of quick-cook oats with ¼ tablespoon of brown sugar and 1 banana

Total: 0mg of sodium

Typical Choice: Plain bagel (490mg of sodium) with cream cheese (125mg per 2 tbsp) and smoked fish (223mg per 1 oz)

Total: 838mg of sodium

Low-Sodium Alternative: Corn tortilla (0mg of sodium) with farmers cheese (10mg per 1oz) and no-salt-added deli turkey meat (30 per 1 oz)

Total: 40mg of sodium