Typical Choice: Strawberry yogurt (95mg of sodium) and fruit-and-nut granola (80mg per ¾ cup)

Total: 175mg of sodium

Low-Sodium Alternative: Soy strawberry yogurt (20mg) with no salt added, fruit and nut granola (0mg per ¾ cup)

Total: 20g of sodium

Typical Choice: Ready-to-bake, seasoned hash browns (2/3 cup)

Total: 300mg

Low-Sodium Alternative: Ready-to-bake, no salt added hash browns (1 cup)

Total: 10mg of sodium

Typical Choice: 2 slices of uncured, smoked bacon

Total: 320mg of sodium (160mg of sodium for 1 slice)

Low-Sodium Alternative: 2 slices of uncured, reduced sodium smoked bacon

Total: 170mg of sodium (85mg of sodium for 1 slice)

Typical Choice: Chocolate croissant

Total: 220mg of sodium

Low-Sodium Alternative: Toasted, no-salt-added bread (10mg per slice) with hazelnut spread (15mg per 2 tbsp)

Total: 25mg of sodium

Typical Choice: Prepared cottage cheese-and-strawberry snack

Total: 390mg of sodium

Low-Sodium Alternative: No salt added cottage cheese (45mg per ¼ cup) with fresh strawberries or 2 tablespoons of strawberry jam (0mg of sodium)

Total: 45mg of sodium