The perfect breakfast contains a balance of carbs, fat and protein. You also can get a jump start on your fiber intake (about 25 grams per day). Here are four nutrient-rich breakfast ideas for meals to eat on the go:

1.    Grab a slice of whole-grain bread and a mozzarella cheese stick, along with your keys, on your way out the door.

2.    Stick a straw in a cappuccino-flavored meal-replacement drink, such as Slim-Fast, if you can’t stomach real food at the crack of dawn.

3.    Premix whole-grain, high-fiber cereal (try Kashi GoLean) with almonds and raisins. Store it in five zippered plastic bags, and stash them in your car or briefcase. 

4.    Drop by a convenience store, such as QuikTrip or 7-Eleven, and buy a banana or apple, or even a hard-boiled egg. Just stay far away from the baked goods display and the hot sandwich case to keep your quick breakfasts healthy.