4. March!
High stepping movements alternating legs to strengthen hip flexors and core while improving balance.

5. Back basics.
Perform sit-up reps using MedX machine that isolates and strengthens lower back while creating core stability. Pilates balance ball used when traveling to isolate abs and improve back strength.

Clarence's on-the-road Pilates routine.

1. The hundred (strengthens abs and trunk muscles).
• Lie on back, arms at side, palms facing mat with knees bent into the chest.
• Extend both legs 90 degrees.
• Lift chin to chest, shoulders off floor (leave shoulder blades released into mat).
• Lift arms thigh height.
• Inhale five counts then exhale five counts while pumping arms up and down.
• Repeat 10 times for 100 counts.

2. The Magic Circle (Strengthens abs and arms).
• Lie on back, place hands on outside of Magic Circle with straight arms.
• Initiating from abs, squeeze the Magic Circle eight times.
• Repeat eight times with slightly bent elbows.
• Repeat eight times with Magic Circle over head.

3. The Roll Up.
• Lie on back with arms overhead, legs extended with back released into mat.
• Raise arms to ceiling.
• Bring chin to chest.
• Press navel into spine.
• Slowly roll forward into sitting position, looking at knees with arms extended to toes.
• Roll back down to mat (starting position), continue pressing navel into spine.