“I was terrified but wanted to get my voice, my message, my physical presence out there.” Shelly was the evening's only speaker to receive a standing ovation. 

“As I walked off stage I knew that I could do anything. It made me know that I have a strong message, that I'm here to expand minds and open hearts. That I had lived my whole life for this moment and found an expanded profession as a motivational speaker and educator.”

Her indomitable spirit and quest for inner liberation fulfilled, Shelly is committed to helping liberate others.

And, she's looking for the biggest stage and brightest light she can find.


Love 101: Enabling the Disabled

Continuing to help other disabled adults find personal liberation and love Shelly conducts one-on-one coaching and therapy groups based on the book, Calling in the One, by Catherine Woodward Thomas.

“It's eye-opening to hear the stereotypes people have about the disabled and the difficulty they have in finding partners. It's what inspired me to spread my message to as wide an audience as possible,” says Shelly.

The groups have raw, frank discussions about everything from sexual positioning to communication to creativity, improving body image and self-esteem.

“My fiancé are I are the ideal couple to showcase what we have learned and experienced and we look forward to launching a group for couples,” says Shelly. “Yes, dating is harder when you have a physical disability but the key is to not blame the disability,” says Shelly. “The truth is, most times we don't know why we are rejected.”

In addition to her expanded role as a motivational speaker, Shelly is penning her first memoir on dating for the disabled. You go, girl.

Click here to watch Shelly’s TEDx Talk at the Miami conference.