The claims about what supplements are supposed to do for you certainly may tempt you to try one, two or more. But practice safety first when buying supplements. Trying a supplement shouldn’t be a decision you make on a whim while you’re browsing through products on a shelf. Learn all you can about supplement safety before you risk your money or your health. To be a savvy consumer and make the right choice, follow these seven tips:

  • Be wary of unrealistic claims, such as the product will “cure” or “prevent” arthritis. It is illegal for supplements to make such claims.
  • Talk to your doctor about a supplement and whether it would be safe to try.
  • Do not stop taking your prescription medications unless directed by your doctor.
  • Find out if the supplement will interact with other medications or other supplements you are taking.
  • Determine if potential side effects outweigh the potential benefit.
  • Shop around for reputable brands.
  • Know how much to take and how often to take it.