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Everything you need to know about supplements and what they do for you.

Drug Guide

Learn about more than 100 medications for arthritis and related diseases.


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Understand the facts about the drugs used to treat arthritis and its symptoms, from dosages and precautions to side effects and medication safety.

Drug Guide

Drug Guide

Navigate the more than 100 medications for arthritis and related diseases using Arthritis Today’s Drug Guide.

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What's in the Drug Guide

The drug guide offers essential information about arthritis medications, including generic and brand names, common dosages, special instructions, possible side effects, interactions and important cautions.

Types of Drugs

Types of Drugs

Read about the various drug classes used to treat arthritis and how they work.

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These genetically engineered medications control the immune response.


Steroids, or corticosteroids, treat inflammation in joints and organs.

By Disease or Condition

By Disease or Condition

Learn all you can about the medications used to treat specific diseases and conditions.

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Rheumatoid Arthritis

Read about the latest drugs used to treat RA and bring the disease into remission.


Learn about the over-the-counter and prescription medications recommended to ease OA pain.

Juvenile Arthritis

Find out how pediatric rheumatologists are treating juvenile arthritis and why early and aggressive is best.


Get the facts on the drugs used to treat gout.


Learn more about the various medications that are used to ease fibromyalgia pain.


Read about the types of drugs use to help build and keep bones strong.

Medication Safety

Medication Safety

Understand how to safely store, dispose and take the medications prescribed for arthritis.

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Side Effects

Side Effects

Explore the ups and downs of medication side effects and learn what you can do to curb them altogether.

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Be Heart Smart

Get smart about how rheumatoid arthritis drugs affect your heart.

Drug Topics

Drug Topics

Get tips and advice on taking medications to treat arthritis and related conditions.

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Skipping Meds?

Many people don't take their meds as directed. Here's why -- and how to get better at it.

Skipping Your Medication Dose?

The risks of missed doses can be serious, say doctors. Here’s why you should never miss a dose and how to stay on a medication schedule.

Take Fewer Pills

Learn how to cut down on the number of medications you take each day.