Workshops start when 20 to 25 participants have signed up. Please provide your information and we will email you when the next workshop is available.

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Better Choices, Better Health for Arthritis is a six week online workshop for people with arthritis or arthritis-related conditions. The workshop is moderated by two trained facilitators who also have chronic conditions.

The workshop has been proven to:
reduce pain
ease fear, frustration and worry about your arthritis
decrease activity limitations
improve your ability and confidence to manage your arthritis

The workshop is aimed at helping you to better manage your arthritis.
Discussions with your facilitators and other participants include:
Managing your pain and fatigue
Healthy eating
Managing your medications
Starting and maintaining an appropriate exercise or activity program
Handling difficult emotions
Solving the problems caused by your arthritis
Communicating better with your health-care team
Communicating better with your friends, family and coworkers
Dealing with sleep problems

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