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Predict your joint pain level based on the local weather.

What You Need to Know About JA

What You Need to Know About JA

Learn about the different types of juvenile arthritis and how it’s diagnosed.

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Having JA: What to Expect

Having JA: What to Expect

Understand the effects of JA on your joints and your whole body.

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Tips and techniques for helping your child manage juvenile arthritis pain.

Joints, Body & Health

JA is a systemic condition. It can affect joints as well as other body parts, especially the eyes.

JA Treatment Plan

JA Treatment Plan

Find out about the treatment options are for JA and reaching the goal of remission.

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Daily Life With JA

Daily Life With JA

Get tips to help you navigate medications, family life, school issues and more.

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Staying Active

Physical activity offers big benefits for kids with juvenile arthritis. Here’s how to get – and keep – your child active.

Healthy Eating

Symptoms can take a toll on your child’s appetite, but eating a balanced, nutritious diet will help manage JA’s effects.

Family Life

When a child has JA, it’s easy for other siblings to feel left out or for parents to neglect their own needs. Learn how to avoid those traps.

Social & School Issues

Making friends and starting middle school and high school can be tough for kids with JA. Here’s how to help them succeed.

Educational Rights & Resources

Kids with JA have a right to certain accommodations at school. Learn how to make a 504 plan – and how to discuss it with teachers.

Growing Up

Help your child make the transition from kid with JA to young adult with JA.

Juvenile Arthritis News

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