Cruise the Internet

The Internet has become a natural meeting place for families of kids with arthritis. Social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, along with message boards, provide people with similar backgrounds or interests a chance to congregate virtually despite living miles apart. The Arthritis Foundation offers discussion boards for parents on its website. There, parents post questions ranging from siblings' needs to medication concerns, and lend support to other parents. 

Kids can also connect across the miles through the Arthritis Foundation’s Pen Pal program. When your child signs up, she will be matched with another child with arthritis so they can begin writing or e-mailing to one another and keep in touch throughout the year. The Arthritis Foundation also recently launched a website for kids with arthritis.

The Internet also enables your child to keep up with friends they have met at arthritis specific events through e-mail, instant messaging and social networking sites. Cell phones also make keeping in touch – via calls or texts – much easier than before. So, once your child does meet another child with arthritis, no matter how or where, keeping in touch can be a breeze.


Adapted from Raising a Child with Arthritis. To order your copy, click here.