Revamp the menu. Stop eating troublesome high-purine foods, such as shellfish, red meat, sweetbreads and gravies. 

Skip cocktail hour. Avoid alcohol, especially beer, which contains high levels of purines and is dehydrating. Alcohol inhibits the excretion of uric acid from your body.

Get a cane.
Walking with a cane during an acute gout attack can help keep pressure off your painful joint.

Elevate your foot, if affected. Raising your foot with pillows so it’s higher than your chest may help lessen swelling.

Tame your sheets. Even the weight of your bed sheets can be unbearable to an inflamed, gouty toe. Tuck the sheet in on the sides so its end falls at calf level, leaving your painful toe free.

Create gout friendly socks. Cut the big toe out of cheap socks or cut the toe section off completely so you can have warm feet without toe pain.

Chill out. Try to relax if you can; stress can aggravate gout. Watch a movie, talk to a friend, read a book or listen to music.