The best fibromyalgia doctor is a rheumatologist, a physician who specializes in treating people with fibromyalgia and related diseases. If possible, you’ll want to find a rheumatologist with a special interest in the condition.

Before selecting a doctor or fibromyalgia clinic from the phone book or a list from your insurance company, ask friends with the condition if they can recommend their fibromyalgia doctors. Ask your primary care physician to recommend a specialist, or check with your local office of the Arthritis Foundation.  If you get the names of several fibromyalgia doctors, you may want to interview a few to determine their knowledge of, interest in and attitude toward fibromyalgia.

Your doctor and health care team can create a treatment plan specifically for you. Some people with fibromyalgia have mild symptoms, and once they understand what fibromyalgia is they need very little treatment. Making only minor lifestyle changes such as reducing stress and improving their sleep can help a great deal. Other people, however, require a comprehensive care program, involving medication, exercise and training in pain-coping skills.