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Terms and Conditions

1. All advertisements are subject to review by the Arthritis Foundation and its Advertising Standards Committee. Acceptance of an advertisement in Arthritis Today does not in any way imply Arthritis Foundation endorsement of a product or service. Neither the Foundation's name nor logo may be used in any ad, except in the case of companies that have a contractual agreement with the Foundation. At no time should Arthritis Today's name, logo, or editorial staff be used in any way that suggest editorial endorsements of any advertiser. Follow-up material mailed to readers as a result of an advertisement in Arthritis Today cannot refer to the publication or to the Arthritis Foundation as the source of the request. Using such implied endorsement will be cause for termination of the advertising.

2. The Arthritis Foundation reserves the right to refuse or to cancel any advertisements without giving cause, including those from a previous advertiser. Each advertisement submitted by a company is subject to individual review.

3. Advertisements must contain no misleading statements or information, and must be free of any false claims. The Arthritis Foundation interprets "misleading" to include a general impression, which may be presented, as well as a specific statement. Before the advertisement is accepted, advertisers must be able to substantiate any claims made regarding the therapeutic effectiveness of the product in treating arthritis.

4. All advertised products must meet applicable guidelines of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), federal and state governments and private associations such as the Council of Better Business Bureaus. Advertisers must be willing to supply an actual sample of the advertised product for review on request.

5. Advertisers of any product for personal consumption (e.g. - medications, vitamins, lotions, food) must be willing to supply a complete listing of ingredients as they appear on the product label, when requested. Advertisers of any product (e.g. - self-help aids, devices) must be willing to supply complete product specifications on request.

6. Advertisements for prescription drugs will be accepted on a case-by-case basis, provided they meet all FDA requirements.

7. Complete ad copy and proposed graphics must be submitted for review. No rough layouts or tissues will be acceptable - only final comprehensive layouts and color proofs are required for four-color ads.

8. Headline and body copy typefaces or editorial style ads must be clearly distinguishable from the basic editorial typefaces of the magazine. The word "PAID ADVERTISEMENT" must be printed at the top of the editorial-type ads. The word "ADVERTORIAL" should not be used.

9. Advertisers are responsible for responding to and correcting any complaints from readers. An advertisement for any product sold through the mail must carry a money-back guarantee.

10. The publisher’s liability for errors in, or omissions of, advertisements is limited to the charge for such advertisements; however, the publisher is not responsible for errors in key numbers.

11. The publisher is not responsible for the errors or omissions in, or the production quality of, furnished inserts. The advertiser and/or agency shall be responsible for additional charges incurred by the magazine arising out of the advertiser’s and/or agency’s failure to deliver furnished inserts meeting the magazine’s specifications. In the event that the magazine is unable to publish the furnished inserts as a result of such failure to comply, the advertiser and/or agency shall remain liable for the space cost of such insert.

12. The advertiser and its agency, if there is one, each guarantee that they are fully authorized and licensed to use: 1) the names, portraits and/or pictures of living persons, 2) any copyright or trademarked material, and 3) any testimonials contained in any advertisements, submitted by or on behalf of the advertiser. The advertiser and/ or agency also guarantee that there is nothing in such advertisement that is libelous, defamatory or invades the privacy of any person, firm or corporation.

13. The advertiser and/or agency each agree to indemnify and hold harmless the Arthritis Foundation against all loss, liability, damage and expense including attorney’s fees, arising out of the copying, printing or publishing of any advertisement submitted by or on behalf of the advertiser.

14. Supplied insert, special unit and specified position advertisements are noncancelable 75 days prior to the date of an issue.

15. Orders for cover pages are non-cancelable. Options on cover positions must be exercised at least 15 days prior to advertising closing date. If order is not received by such date, cover option automatically lapses.

16. Orders for all other advertising units are non-cancelable 15 days prior to closing date, and no cancellations may be considered executed unless acknowledged by the publisher.

17. Announcement of any rate change will be made at least two months in advance of the closing date for the issue affected. Orders for issues thereafter will be billed at rates then prevailing.

18. The above terms and conditions shall govern the relationship between the Arthritis Foundation and the advertiser and or agency. Unless expressly agreed to in writing by the Arthritis Foundation, no other terms or conditions in contracts, orders, copy instruction or otherwise will be binding on the Arthritis Foundation.

19. Payments received 30 days after due date are subject to possible loss of ad agency discount.