Targeting the Health Conscious Boomer and Mature Market.

Online Advertising Specifications

General Specs

Accepted Ad Formats
Standard Banner Yes
Polite Banner Yes
Expandable Banner Yes
Floating Ad No
Floating Expandable No
Commercial Break No
Pop-up Banner No
Push Down Banner No
VideoStrip Yes
Wallpaper Ad No
Window Ad No
In Game No
In-Stream Video Yes
Tracking Pixel Yes


Accepted Flash Version
Accepted Flash
Up to Flash 11


Accepted Features
Synchronized Ads No
Data Capture No
Polling No
Dynamic Data No


Maximum File Sizes and Numbers
Max Size of Entire Ad
(not including streaming portion)
Up to 2.2MB
Max Size for Default Image 30K
Max Size for Default Flash 30K
Max Size for Panel 40K
Max Size of Each Additional Asset/Progressive Video Up to 2.2MB
Number of Additional Assets Allowed Unlimited


Page Units   Expandable Banner Specs
Standard Available In-Page Unit Sizes Allowed Pannel Expansion Directions Max Pannel Expansion Dimensions
300 x 250 (Medium Rectangle) Yes All Directions [           ]     [          ]
      300     x    500 px.
728 x 90 (Leaderboard) Yes All Directions [           ]     [          ]
      728     x    360 px.


Close Button

Applicable for: Floating Ad, Floating Expandable, Commercial Break, Expandable Banner, Push Down Banner, Window Ad

Close Button Required Yes
Must Have "Close" Text No
Must Have "X" Symbol Yes
Must Have Red "X" Symbol No
Close Button Location Top-Left No
Top-Right Yes
Bottom-Left No
Bottom-Right No
Any No


Allow Video Yes
Video Must Be User Initiated On Mouse Rollover No
On Mouse Click Yes
Max streaming video dimension 640 x 480
Max streaming video bits per second 550 KBPS
Max streaming video movie length 15 Sec
Max progressive video dimension 640 x 480
Max progressive video bits per second 550 KBPS
Max progressive video movie length 15 Sec
Required Video Controls Play No
Pause No
Stop No
Skip No
Accepted Video Formats WMV No
MP4 No
Accepted Download Methods Streaming Yes
Progressive Download Yes
Accept Full Screen No


Allow Audio Yes
Allow Sound Effects No
Mute Button Required Yes
Audio Must Be User Initiated On Mouse Rollover Yes
On Mouse Click Yes


Design & Animation
Border Required No
Max Animation Length 15 Sec.
Max Animation Loops Allowed 3 Times
Maximum Frame Rate Allowed 18 FPS
Hot Spot Size
Hotspot is the area on the ad which triggers pannel expansion when interacted (mouse click, mouse over, etc.)
Entire Banner


eNewsletter Ads
Width 160px
Height 600px
Supported File Format .GIF
Maximum File Size 45kb
Rich Media Supported?  No