Targeting the Health Conscious Boomer and Mature Market.

Material Requirements

Data Formats

High End File Format Options

  • PDF/X1-a Preferred
  • TIFF/IT-P1 (FP, CT, LW, or FP, CT, HC)
  • Scitex Native (CT and LW)
  • Scitex.job (CT and NLW)
  • Scitex Handshake (CT and LW)


  • Require LW Files at 72 resolution (dots per mm)
  • Require CT files at 12 resolution (dots per mm)
  • Note: The CT resolution should always be equally divisible into the LW resolution


  • 0,0 offset preferred

Desktop File Formats

  • QuarkXPress up to version 7
  • Adobe InDesign up to CS5.5
  • PDF/X-1a is preferred

Avoid supplying vector art programs such as Adobe Illustrator or Macromedia Freehand as final page files.  Instead, save the art file as EPS and import it into Quark or InDesign.

Additional File Specifications for Offset

  • DCS Bitmap (copydot) Resolution: 2400 DPI
  • DCS 2 (should be made with raster or screen bitmap data, i.e. not just pages in Quark saved as DCS 2)

Desktop Element Formats

  • Images/Scans - TIFF, EPS, or Scitex Handshake CT
  • Fonts - PostScript Type 1 fonts only
  • Include all fonts (printer and screen fonts). DO NOT use Multiple Master fonts or True Type fonts.
  • Logos/Artwork - EPS


  • Continuous tone rastered images should be 2x the linescreen or greater (300 or greater is hi-res for 150 linescreen)
  • Bitmap files should be at 1000 DPI or higher
  • TIFF or EPS between 200 and 400 DPI

Miscellaneous Instructions

Desktop Instructions

  • Build pages to trim size and extend bleed beyond page edge to at least 1/8" minimum.
  • Specify a "live area" where all required information needs to fit to ensure nothing gets trimmed in production (3/16" inside trim).
  • Do not stylize fonts from layout application such as making the type bold or italic.  While the appearance of the font will look good on the screen, what prints will be the unstylized font.
  • All elements must be at 100% size. Scale images outside the page layout program.
  • Rotation and cropping of images in layout program should be avoided.
  • If any solid black type or solid black type boxes are needed to knock-out of a background, a separate color should be created in the applications color palette with the following tint values assigned to it: 100% black, .25% cyan, .25% magenta, .25% yellow.
  • Include all fonts, images/scans, logos/artwork.
  • Do not nest EPS files in other EPS files.
  • Do not compress any image files.
  • All images/scans must be in CYMK mode for 4/c ads.
  • All images/scans must be in Grayscale mode for B & W ads.
  • all colors in the page layout program should be changed to CYMK.
  • Spot colors should be turned off except when a spot color is required.
  • Font information should include manufacturer, font name and version.
  • Four-color solids should not exceed SWOP density of 300%
  • Supply Quark "Collect for Output" or similar reports.

Additional Instructions

  • Supply one composite LW and CT per ad.
  • Black text should be merged with the LW file.