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Where Does It Hurt?

Back & Neck

The spine runs from the back of the neck to the lower back and can be painful and stiff from problems such as arthritis and muscle stress.


These ball-and-socket joints move in almost all directions. Shoulders are prone to arthritis injury and fracture.


Elbows can be affected by arthritis and repetitive use that can mean ongoing pain and stiffness.


These ball-and-socket joints move in almost all directions. Arthritis and osteoporosis can mean pain, stiffness or fracture.

Wrists, Hands & Fingers

Wrist, hand and finger joints are among the most important joints for performing daily activities.


The largest joints in the body, like the knees, are vulnerable to injury and arthritis.


The ankle is a complex joint with many moving parts, making it vulnerable to injury and arthritis.

Foot, Heel & Toe

As the foundation of the body, feet bear the brunt of the weight. Arthritis and impact-related injuries are common in feet.

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Learn about coping with the symptoms of arthritis including fatigue, swelling and pain.

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Arthritis Diet

Information about which foods to avoid and to eat when inflammation is an issue.

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From probiotics to healthy breakfasts, good food information to help you feel your best.

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Losing even a little bit of weight ease joint pain. Get tips to succeed.


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